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"Burlesque fitness classes with Louise are a really fun way of exercising and toning the body leaving you feeling both mentally and physically toned.With her lovely, friendly and encouraging manner she instils in you the desire to keep trying when otherwise you might just think you haven’t got the stamina to keep going! Before you know where you are you have completed that set of exercises and are moving onto the next, feeling exceptionally proud of yourself and enjoying moving to the music.Louise has the ability to relate to people of all ages and creates an atmosphere that brings the group together; so in addition to benefiting from the exercise, there is also the benefit of the camaraderie in the class. Get yourself there! It is definitely a class to be recommended"

Carole Roberts

"I started Burlesque last year not really knowing what to expect. I enjoyed the classes from day one. All you need is a feather boa. What I particularly like about Burlesque is the fact that you don't realise how hard you are exercising as you are having so much fun. The atmosphere of the sessions is very relaxed. As for the music tracks that Louise chooses for each class, they are really motivating. Louise's teaching style is fun and differentiated in the sense that you can work out at your own pace and challenge yourself further if you wish to do so. She keeps us going and conveys her own enthusiasm for Burlesque and dancing to the class. It is an excellent workout altogether that I would certainly recommend to anyone who is looking for an alternative keep fit session and a laugh."

Isabelle Mauboussin

"Having come from a dance background I wanted a fitness class that gave me a good workout but challenged me on a personal level, I got this and more besides with Louise’s class. The routines are fun energetic and get you strutting your stuff, it helps to not only build up your fitness levels but your confidence as well. The class is always enjoyable and as you are so busy having such a good time you don’t realise how hard you have worked until the end of the class when you are sweating buckets! I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants some fun and fitness in their lives, no matter what level of fitness you have or dance ability there is definitely something for everyone in this class and there is nothing else like it in this area so it makes it even more unique. Louise is a great teacher who makes you feel comfortable from the start and you can see she enjoys teaching the class as much as we enjoy taking part. I Look forward to shaking my bits each week and hopefully they won’t be quite so wobbly after doing this!"

Victoria Mur

"I thoroughly enjoy going to Burlesque fitness classes with Louise. The routines are choreographed in such a way that you work out every part of your body without even realising it. Classes are fun and friendly and suitable for all ages and abilities to have a go. It's something a bit different that you can't find anywhere else in town. A really exciting way to get fit and release your inner sass"

Abby Millard

"Fantastic class, great fun, lots of laughs. Just what's needed after a busy day at the office. Get down there everyone and shake your booty 😀""

Angela Holden

"Burlesque is a brilliant workout and is genuinely perfect for anyone who loves to dance, no matter your body type or experience! Louise is the ultimate professional and is always so smiley, encouraging and upbeat— she creates a fantastic, welcoming atmosphere in each class."

Chloe Campbell

"I absolutely love my burlesque fitness class, it's a combination of sexy music, sexy moves and most of all such good fun. It is suitable for any age group and you can do it at your own pace.Louise is so bubbly and lively I always find myself smiling throughout the class, and always feel so energised after it."

Sue Buckingham

"I was really nervous beforehand but you know what, for a Single Lady like me it has properly given me a complete boost of confidence! Best start to the new year ever!"


"I've only done a few classes but I absolutely love it! Feel comfortable around everyone there no judgemental people so I feel like I can get into the moves more. I have fun while I sweat! Really enjoyable and fun class, definitely feel it the next day too!"

Emma Livesey