We are a bespoke training facility, designed to be a place where you can achieve your fitness or health goals no matter what they are. Whether you prefer to train in a one-to-one setting or a small group.
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Whether you have never trained before, coming back from an injury or have set specific fitness or body composition goals, one-to-one personal training is the ideal setting.
Every session will be designed specifically for you. Individual training programmes and tailored nutrition protocols will get you to the level you want to be at.
If you are brand new to training in a facility like this, we will ensure you have the basics and build on the fundamentals of exercises.   Making sure everything is correct before you move onto the more advanced exercises and take you on to another level.
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We have a variety of classes to meet all of your needs, these are limited numbers so booking is required
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a structured fitness session working on the core basic movement patterns. Comprising of personal and group challenges, incorporating high intensity cardio drills, functional resistance work and strength training to deliver the most complete workout.


Circuits style class, based on true high intensity interval training.  The intention of real HIIT is to ramp up the intensity of your cardio, in order for it to be classed as true HIIT you will be trying to be at  your max on every single set, thats why they are very short sharp bursts really designed to burn calories at a quicker rate.


High energy, High intensity, fun group boxing training session.  Mixed in with some boxing conditioning circuits, bodyweight and resistance strength work all combined to have boxing workouts for everyone, getting you fighting fit.


If you’re short on time, these express classes are perfect.  30 min of High Intensity explosive work mixing in strength training, speed drill, everything you need to get you the most out of your express session


These 6 week courses are run at different times throughout the year and will be 
limited to 10 people.   This is to ensure you get the most out of each course in a small group environment, creating a community.  Each course is designed to educate you and leave you in a better position to move forward.

A 6 week course designed to teach you how lift correctly with good technique.  Advice on nutrition to build muscle with diet plan based on building strength.  Learning how to spot correctly to ensure you are safe in the gym either training on your own or with a partner, plus mobility work that will increase range of movement and finally incorporating explosive work to make sure we he hit the right fibres needed to lift well 


Designed to give you the tools needed to create a better version of yourself, not just physical, but emotion and mental health.  Group exercise strength and cardio sessions – plus work outside of the gym creating better patterns in breathing techniques, stretches, eating, sleep, stress, positivity, anxiety and self doubt.


Body transformation packages are structured 8, 12 or 16 week blocks and completely personal to you. Limited numbers each time ensures clients have the full support they need.  These courses are about getting the most out of every single day. Mostly online so you will need a gym membership and a fully functional gym with resistance equipment and cardio machines.   These transformation packages combine nutrition, training, accountability and constant support throughout.

  • Fully tailored nutrition protocols.
  • Customised diet and macro plans with updates when needed
  • Fortnightly recipe collections
  • Complete customised training plans with optimised training cycles and deload weeks, to ensure we keep you in the best possible condition throughout.
  • Weekly zoom check in sessions consisting of progress photos and measurements.
  • Full accountability and Support throughout
  • Personalised email address and WhatsApp for support
  • Photoshoot packages available in the studio to document your progress