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Dry January??

The concept seems like a good one . . . doesn’t it?

We over indulge in December! Christmas parties, seeing family and friends, then Christmas itself comes along, followed swiftly by new year and we all feel a little overwhelmed by the amount we have eaten and drank. What happens next, the dreaded “I need to detox” lines start being thrown about and the extreme mindset sets in.

Just talking about Dry January for now, and the idea that not having any alcohol for month to rectify this.  In my opinion, this really is not a productive one.

Alcohol in moderation is perfectly fine

If you feel that you need to have a “dry January” then I honestly think you should be looking to reassess you overall relationship with alcohol in general.  Like most things, alcohol in moderation is perfectly fine.   Even when trying to lose weight, or fat.  Yes it is not ideal and it can have negative effects on the fat loss process, but as many people have shows, making it part of your calories can work for you.   If you do not have a long term plan to give up, then cutting it out completely is not going to be the answer.

While I totally understand you might want to clean up your intake a little, going cold turkey for January will inevitably lead to the first weekend in February becoming a “celebration”.  You will more than likely reward yourself with a binge session, where you will again, over consume and then revert back to your usual intake.   This will probably continue throughout the year until we reach January.  And do this same thing all over again.

But what about toxins?

Your body is not storing all these so called “toxins” from alcohol.  Thinking a month off the booze will fully reset the system, it doesn’t work that way.  Importantly to, from a psychological stand point, restriction of anything that we like or enjoy will lead to cravings.   This in turn makes what we are restricting (alcohol in this case) more desirable and will create even more negative relationships with it and lead to binging and over consuming.

Instead of joining in with this, if you are one of those that feel they have drank to much or in general do drink to much, but have no intentions of giving up, then start to focus a bit more on your own self control.   Look to control and your overall intake, make steps to help yourself reduce what you drink on a daily or weekly basis, so that you can enjoy what you have, but it doesn’t have a negative effect on your life or your mentality.

Lets create positive relationships and start the year in the right way!!

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